DigitalBank (DGBK) ICO Analysis – The DigitalBank Whitepaper Review

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By becoming an early investor in the DigitalBank , you become a registered co-founder and shareholder in the DigitalBank company .
At this stage we are registering early investors as shareholders in the DigitalBank company . 

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The DigitalBank allows fully anonymous crypto accounts . The most secured offshore banking system ever  . DigitalBank is the safest Cryptocurrency “Vault “available. Unbreakable  Quantum EncryptionDigitalBank is the Tax Haven of Bitcoin and Crypto Investors .  Questions ? Visit the DigitalBank FAQ 

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DigitalBank and or its affiliates and ICO partners does not make or purport to make, and hereby disclaims, any representation, warranty or undertaking in any form whatsoever to any entity or person, including any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the truth, accuracy and completeness of any of the information set out in this Whitepaper

The DigitalBank ICO will raise funds to support a full launch of the DigitalBank Offshore Banking System , its further Research & Development, plus its full commercial operations until such time that it is cash-flow positive.

DigitalBank is issuing its own DigitalBank Coins called DGBK, which it is offering to members of the Crypto network, blockchain enthusiasts and investors who wish to be actively involved in the future of Offshore Anonymous Cryptobanking, to participate in during its DGBK token sale.

The DGBK token is based on the decentralised Ethereum market standard smart contract ERC20 token.

Formed within the blockchain and subject to automatic execution upon the occurrence of pre defined criteria and events and subject to certain conditions, DGBK tokens are valid indefinitely and are the property of their respective holders.

The DigitalBank is a company registered in Belize , you can find the legal documentation on our website  .

DGBK tokens will be distributed in direct proportion to the amount paid by the participants in the course of the ICO in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Upon the ICO launch,  a single DGBK token is valued at $ 10 (Ten) USD .

Distribution Of Tokens

70% : Total ICO distribution to the community together with the option for our ICO partners to acquire up to $1m at the initial offering price .

15% :  Deferred addition funding .

9% : Reserved for the founders and management of the ICO

3% : Reserved for ICO partner advisers

3% : Reserved for marketing campaign team

In the event that 70% of the tokens, are sold, 15% of the remaining 30% of tokens will be ‘frozen’ by the ICO organisers for a period of 18 months to be gradually released on the Cryptocurrency markets thereby supporting DigitalBank’s further development in the future .

As DigitalBank delivers its products and services to an increasing audience ultimately reaching a critical mass, this will inevitably increase the demand for DGBK Tokens and in turn increase their value.

The DigitalBank is focused on delivering those products that support mass scale adoption as quickly and efficiently as possible and thereby simultaneously increase the value of DGBK Coins .

The final 15% of tokens will be distributed among the project team, (locked for a minimum of 18 months) advisors and the participants in the development of the DigitialBank Platform software and hardware .

‘Bounty’ Structure

Support is required for many marketing and expert discussion forums such as bitcointalk, the contribution of opinion leaders, banner ads and participation in selected publications that specialise in Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The exact distribution of DGBK tokens for the marketing campaign is managed by the ICO organisers and adjusted regularly, but under no circumstances will it increase beyond 3% of the total issued DGBK.

Stages of DigitalBank’s ICO:

1. January to February 2019: Analytics, Legal, Technical and Financial ICO document preparation.  Preparation of the business plan including product roll-out, team building, adaptation of previously prepared fintech and blockchain products and services. ICO launch plan and strategy

2. February to March to 2019 : Investor relations, active development of potential ICO participants, product and services presentation, building an advisory support network, data collection, blockchain community engagement.

3. April 2019: Registration opening for interested potential token-holders with the possibility for interested parties to deposit funds prior to the start of the ICO

4. May 2019: ICO presale

5. June 2019: Bonus token sale

6. July 2019 to December 2019 : Full DGBK Token Sale

7. December 2019 : DigitalBank’s Offshore Banking System – first platform release and starting the public sale of the Photon Ledger Keys ( “the bank account”)   , all further stage releases in accordance with the road map which will be adapted to take account of prevailing market developments

Use of ICO Funds  

Full development of  DigitalBank will end upon the completion of the ICO, nevertheless, to enable the effective launch of the DigitalBank, including marketing, PR, investor relations, preparation groundwork, technological interaction with banks and financial markets.

DigitalBank ICO Tasks

During the DigitalBank ICO, DigitalBank will educate and collate the thoughts and ideas of as wide a blockchain audience as possible. We plan to engage a wide community of leading blockchain activists to participate in an open dialogue about the development of DigitalBank as a leading Offshore Banking Platform  and in turn enable potential and actual token-holders to have a direct impact on the business plans and actions of the DigitalBank. This is by far the most effective and lowest cost model to ensure that DigitalBank takes account of the prevailing market ideas and initiatives, even if this means taking us down paths that have not yet been considered.

An ICO enables participants to have a direct input to the success of the company and in turn directly influence the return on funds contributed. Token purchases and redemptions can be, and often are, completed anonymously, thereby avoiding the traditional red tape connected to investor structure reporting, and removing the possible destabilising effect of individual high-profile investor sales.

DigitalBank’s co-founders , early investors and senior managers will receive Royalties DGBK Tokens equal to a maximum of 9% of the total number of implemented tokens, thereby ensuring their continued personal interest in the success of the ICO and equally importantly the value of the token both during and post ICO.

Naturally the ICO generates the working capital needed to achieve the DigitalBank business plan, whilst removing many of the long-winded steps required in securities based capital raising. For example, classic investor relations and individual contract preparation are removed and replaced by audited smart contracts.

The value of ICO participant benefits and rewards is directly tied to the success of the DigitalBank Company . DigitalBank’s income will be derived from:

– Financial Products and services offered by the proprietary offshore banking software powering the DigitalBank Quantum Ledger Key that is actually a fully anonymous offshore bank account , by all means .

Income will be generated also from the following : sales of the Photon Key Ledger ( the bank account) , commissions from Full Banking services offered on the platform such as : currency conversions ( CryptoCurrency to FIAT and back to Crypto ) , crypto transactions within the system , Instant Cash Withdrawal ,Peer to Peer Lending , Trading on Secured Crypto Exchange and Crypto Investments to be created by the DigitalBank Hedge Fund Platform  .

All Above mentioned banking transactions and services  , supplied by the DigitalBank platform, will be paid only and exclusively in DGBK Tokens  .

DGBK Utility tokens may grow in price, because the demand for services and products will increase constantly  . DGBK is an example of utility token, that is designed to work in a financial ecosystem and product line. DGBK Tokens will be implemented into the DigitalBank ecosystem . The service will grown, so the trading volume of DBGK Tokens, and consequently the price, will increase permanently .

The DGBK utility token can be defined “to represent future access to the DigitalBank’s , offshore banking platform products and services.

20 % of the DigitalBank funds reserves , will be used to re-purchase DGBK tokens to provide additional liquidity to people who wants to cash out.

The DigitalBank’s priority is to provide the token holders with real , steady raising value and full liquidity ,  for each token they hold.

Limited offer

DigitalBank Coins (DGBK) tokens will be issued during ICO. This is coded in the DGBK Smart Contract, therefore it is 100% guaranteed by decentralized  blockchain protocol. There will be no tokens issued after ICO.

Total Amount of DGBK that will be issued 8,000,000 , on a lifetime basis

Constant demand

All DigitalBank solutions require DGBK tokens for usage and the amount  of tokens in circulation will constantly decrease. The DGBK token is the fuel for the DigitalBank transaction processing. With every transaction, within the DigitalBank eco-system , DGBK Tokens will be needed .

The DigitalBank Shares :

Early Investors joining the DigitalBank in this early stage , becomes shareholders , full partners and actual co-founders in the DigitalBank company . Companies are not taxed on the investment received, and investors get equity, which is a real advantage when the company is eventually sold or goes public.  If you are seriously interested to join the DigitalBank , as an early investor please email us at [email protected] 

Investors who bought DGBK utility tokens only , won’t get a profit sharing part, if the DigitalBank company is sold, pays dividends, or goes public.

The Distribution of the DigitalBank Income : Early Investors in the DigitalBank becomes full partners , shareholders and actual co founders in the DigitalBank company , they receive 1 share for each $ 1 invested and receive 2 DigitalBank Coins ( DGBK) .  In order to become an early investor the minimum initial investment is starting at $ 5000 USD .

Shareholders , according to their percentage in ownership , will receive yearly dividends from the profits generated by the DigitalBank that will come from the sales of the Photon Induced Key ( the ‘physical’ bank account ) , and from the commissions generated from all transactions executed by account holders such as trading, currency exchanges, portfolio investments , lending , withdrawals and more .

The Shareholders and Early Investors will be able to sell their DGBK Coins both during and after after the ICO , in order generate more Return on their investment .

The DigitalBank Coin (DGBK Token ) initial price at the ICO ,  will start at $ 10 USD .

Introduction to the DigitalBank ICO

As you see , this is not a flashy , fancy and too technical white paper , like you are used to .  Our ICO , is not a regular initial coin offering . In this whitepaper , we decided to be simple , direct and without being too technical , so that you will really understand .   Most of the white papers are complicated , long , with a lot of technology nonsense , in order to impress and confuse the potential investor .

If you are looking for a stylish ICO , with all the running clocks , showing you how much time left before you ‘miss the business opportunity of your life ” , we are not that kind of ICO .  We use simple websites , simple blog , simple whitepaper .

We are for the long run ,  we are going to revolutionize the offshore banking sector , for the next decades .

We do not use those fake news services , and will never spend a dollar of our investors in advertising our ICO , in order to get more investors . ICOs are buying Twitter followers , Telegram members , BitcoinTalk accounts … all in order to create a fake buzz around their ICO .  We are not going to spend one single dollar on such campaigns .

Whatever you will read online about the DigitalBank is real genuine news , posts and comments .

Most cryptos on exchanges are currently priced at below their initial coin offering price  and part of them has been erased from the trading . This will never happen with the DGBK Coins  .

The DigitalBank Coins will be used for paying banking services  within the DigitalBank system , and the DGBK Coins holders  will experience raising token prices , on a permanent basis because of the limited supply of the tokens .

Later on , we will explain to you exactly how the DGBK coin will be used , when and why its price will raise .

We are here to stay forever and those are not empty promises , investing in the DigitalBank is for the long term investors . The DigitalBank will be the leading Offshore Banking Entity in the next years .

About the DigitalBank Offshore Banking

We will try to keep this whitepaper short and easy to understand , so that we are 100% sure that you will really read it till the end .

Rich individuals and their families have as much as $32 trillion of hidden financial assets in offshore tax havens, representing up to $280 billion in lost income tax revenues .

DigitalBank is the first ever decentralized offshore bank and integrated with over 700+ cryptocurrencies and ERC20 compliant tokens. It will be the largest cryptocurrency platform online.

The DigitalBank platform will be in beta testing in 10 months and features an hardware (external) account/wallet structure ( ledger key style)  most people are familiar with ,when using any hardware wallets ,the main differences are two :

1. The Ledger’s encryption is 100% unbreakable , based the most advanced Photon and Quantum Encryption methods ,

2. This is actually your bank account , fully managed by you , and  included is a built in crypto exchange, crypto transfer services , merchant and auto trading services, VISA debit card (physical / NFC), ATMs connections , and many more offshore financial services .

DigitalBank is backed by a groundbreaking Photon encrypted customer identity verification system, that guarantees your lifetime access and that verifies customer data without ever sharing it with any network.  DigitalBank ensure user data is always in your own hands , safe, secure and completely decentralized from any outside control.

DigitalBank software will make sure that the user is fully unknown , the user ( the buyer of the Photon Key Ledger) is given a full offshore banking system – full access to the bank services , without any personal information to be filled , at any given time . The banking system  will know that you are yourself ( a number ) , but not who you really are.

Today , in order to open an offshore bank account , in a way that nobody will know who stands behind it , the procedures are quite costly : usually you need to open an offshore company , take nominee shareholders and directors , let them open under your new company name , bank accounts …. this is done usually by large law firms based on Tax Free countries like Panama .

Although the rich guys made whatever is needed to hide their real identity , a lot of documents has been leaked to the public , like the Panama Papers and Paradise papers , you can read information about it here , ,

So , even in this cases , the real owners of the accounts has been exposed and their tax authorities notified

And what about Swiss bank accounts ?  Read this :

Swiss bank accounts , has been leaked , and continue to be leaked even by the Swiss Government .

So , there is no real banking secrecy anymore ?   Correct !

You are targeted by the tax authorities , journalists , hackers , whistleblowers , and more ….

The confidential banking is officially dead .   Today in order to open an offshore account they request you to supply them with full certified documentation of yours , including passport , ID , proof of residence address , and reference letters from your local bank …. and more !

They ask  questions about ‘why you need this account for ‘ , where the money is coming in from , where is going to ?

Then came the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies , with really super anonymous transactions , peer to peer … the most anonymous currency on earth , used by the leading traders in the Dark Web.

Then the Governments and Banks , decided to put an end to the anonymity factor , and started to request everybody involved in the BTC business to use KYC procedures  ( Know Your Customer ) , they blocked anonymous accounts on all major exchanges , they blocked sales of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies , stopping the transfers of money from crypto exchanges back to your bank account , they blocked credit cards from buying crypto , they banned bank account holders dealing in crypto …new set of severe  regulations for the crypto are issued on a daily basis and in this way , they succeeded to kill the anonymity of the cryptocurrencies .

You are exposed from all sides .

And here comes the DigitalBank .  We are restoring confidential , anonymous e banking to the offshore industry .  We make it easily accessible to everybody , and not only rich people , and we concentrate on cryptocurrencies , because this is the future .

What is the difference between the DigitalBank and all other New Crypto Banks ?

The main feature is that all Cryptobanks now under development , are not anonymous or even ‘decentralized’ at all .  You have to open an account with your ID and proof of residency , then you actually deposit your cryptocurrency with them .   What a joke ? Completely not anonymous .

It’s even much more dangerous that a real bank !  You put your money in some new unknown bank ? Your Crypto assets are not safe at all …if tomorrow the ” Bank” will stop functioning , or close websites, or platforms?  Your cryto assets will be gone forever .

They know exactly who you are , they passed your personal information to the related authorities , you can loose easily your deposits either an hacking attack on their servers , the Government can block or freeze yours funds or even shut down the entire site , or  maybe tomorrow the owners will close their website and company and run away with your money .

Welcome to the totally unsecured CryptoBanks !

The DigitalBank is really decentralized , no servers , no website , no offices , no databases … You are your own bank and does not depends on anybody else.

Check this Video and try to understand what Obama in 2016 already understood about the DigitalBank .

The DigitalBank Photon Encrypted Ledger Key , is your Cryptocurrency Vault , hacking free offshore banking account .  This is not just a simple hardware wallet , this is a full working cryptocurrency account , from where you can manage your crypto investments , crypto transcations , crypto exchanges , crypto trading , crypto to cash withdrawals , and many other banking functions that no other offshore bank can provide you today .

All this is done in full anonymity , secrecy , and independent from any third party . The DigitalBank Account is you in your own hands , not online , not on servers , and not under any possible surveillance .

The DigitalBank doesn’t need a banking license in order to operate ?

The DigitalBank is in your own hands , all the banking services are safely stored in the Photon Encrypted Key ( Ledger) ,  that permits you to run your crypto bank account in complete anonymity . You are the bank yourself .

The DGBK Ltd company is a software company that develops advanced and sophisticated hardware (Photon Encrypted Ledger Key) and software systems connected to the offshore banking field .

We will sell hardware and related software that will enable you to manage an anonymous offshore bank account , with all the related offshore banking services , but we do not hold your cryptocurrencies , we do not manage your account ,we do not directly offer any banking services . You control and manage your bank account , you become a one person bank .

We sell you the hardware that is your actual cryptocurrencies vault, based on a Photon induced encryption system , along with the banking software installed inside , that is actually the DigitalBank Managing Platform .

For explaining it in simple words , it’s like you buy an external hardware wallet , like a ‘ledger’ but it provides you with a fully operational banking system within , and its enabled to interact with other DigitalBank account holders on a peer to peer basis .

DigitalBank is the Tax Haven of Bitcoin and Crypto Investors  .

DGBK is The First and Only Decentralized Anonymous Offshore Banking System in the World . DigitalBank is the only real solution for achieving full banking anonymity . The Only 100% Anonymous Offshore Banking Option available .

The DigitalBank is coming to solve the main current problems of the Crypto World :

Stop Hacking of  Crypto Exchanges and Wallets .

Stop the loss of access keys to Bitcoin and Crypto accounts.

Secure Lifetime Anonymity of account holders .DigitalBank is offline while online invisible .

Photon-based quantum encryption of the DigitalBank, will be the key to stop foreign intrusions and  hostile hacking into your account.

The DigitalBank is the real solution to millions of people seeking private and confidential online banking . Secure Lifetime Anonymity of account holders : Government regards Crypto as assets and wants to you declare it , along with the profits generated .

DigitalBank is fully decentralized  : No Institution , No Physical Address , No servers , No data storage : 100% impenetrable . 100% Paperless . 100% Nameless .

DigitalBank can never be shut down :

Because it’s like a personal ‘software’ , owned and managed by you on the blockchain , with revolutionary Photon-based quantum encryption .

Crypto accounts 100% safe from hacking and authority’s access . 100% Anonymous E-Banking BlockChain Based .

The DigitalBank System guarantees secured lifetime access to you and the people you decide to share the account with , including heirs .

Avoid future cryptocurrency taxation and Government tax regulations on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency .

The DigitalBank will be the only real solutions to hide or cash out Bitcoin and Crypto riches . With the DigitalBank , you will gain access , to the most sophisticated  Offshore CryptoCurrency Banking System .

DigitalBank is the safest Cryptocurrency “vault “available .

The Main Differences between the DigitalBank Offshore Banking System and the conventional offshore banks :

  1. Today Countries Of Operation of the Offshore Banks are Limited By Capital And Regulation .The DigitalBank is Unlimited, There Are No Country Boundaries

  2. Offshore Banks are Limited in Number Of Clients they can accept , the DigitalBank is Unlimited

  3. Offshore Banking Scalability is extremely Slow And Expensive. DigitalBank is Fast And Relatively Cheap

  4. Today even the International Transfers are Restricted, Slow And Expensive , while on the DigitalBank are Unrestricted, Fast And Free

  5. Offshore Banking Transfer Values are Restricted . In the DigitalBank they are Determined By The Individual account holder only .

  6. Cost Of Transactions Up To 5% , while Digital Bank is As low as 0.1%

  7. Traditional offshore baking Speed of Transaction: Several Days . The DigitalBank will offer instant , immediate transactions.

  8. Withdrawal Of Funds from Offshore Banking  may take several Days (depending on the amount) , in the DigitalBank is seconds.

  9. Offshore Banks are Control Centralized. The DigitalBank if 100% Decentralized  , the Bank is the hands of the account holders .

  10. Offshore Banks Control the Funds and can even freeze assets.  The DigitalBank is controlled by The Client.

The Future Of Digital Banking And cryptocurrencies is based on a few important pillars :

1) Fully secured  crypto accounts , that cannot be hacked or penetrated by third parties , in any way , your Crypto assets are protected by an unbreakable encryption that has no ‘key’ , no ‘door’ . Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a secure communication method which implements a cryptographic protocol involving components of quantum mechanics. It enables two parties to produce a shared random secret key known only to them, which can then be used to encrypt and decrypt messages.

2)  Fully anonymous  and untraceable crypto bank accounts . Protecting the real identity of the crypto holders , forever .

3) Lifetime access guarantee , with no ” lost password and keys”  risks of any kind . Access granted for people you want to share the account with , or to your heirs

4)  Crypto Assets can be traded , exchanged , invested and transformed in cash , instantly and in a fully secured way .

Funds Raised will be used for the Development of the DigitalBank Software Hardware and Quantum Encryption ” : The full development of the required operative banking infrastructure ( software)  , the development of the hardware ( Photon Induced Key ) and the development of the Quantum Encryption that will match between the Photon Key and the device used by the account holder .

Funds Raised will be used for the Full Launch of the DigitalBank to the Public :  Launching of the DigitalBank , selling the Photon Induced Key to the Public .

The Photon Key will be sold to the public at $ 280 USD , and this will be actually their private offshore bank account , and with it , they open the offshore bank account , deposit , manage the account , make transactions  and more . Everything is linked to the blockchain and lifetime access is enabled . You hold your offshore bank account in your pocket .

During the second part of 2019 , we will finalize and Launch the DigitalBank with all its Full Offshore Banking Features .

By the end of 2019 , we will finalize the development of the worldwide cash withdrawal procedures , we will launch the secured Crypto Exchange and finalize the instant crypto to FIAT process , the crypto investment platform and the peer to peer lending platform .

 Our  Team

Our team is composed from certified ethical hackers , cyber security experts , quantum encryption engineers , blockchain consultants , banking and financial advisors .

At the present time , , for obvious reasons , we prefer to keep team members identity confidential .

We will soon start to publish full details about them .

We invite you to join us on:

Telegram Channel :

Telegram Discussion Board:

Twitter :

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